Treasure Island

Jan. 19 – Feb. 5, 2017

Dramatized by Scot Copeland. Based on the book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Adventure awaits so lay your course for the sun-baked sands of the Caribbean as young Jim Hawkins, treasure map in hand, sets sail in an epic drum-pounding tale that has it all: suspense, comedy, mystery, swashbuckling swordplay, honor and treachery -- all amongst a crew of some of the most colorful heroes and villains in all of literature.  The ultimate pirate adventure, reinvented for today’s young audiences and families! 

If sailor tales to sailor tunes, storm and adventure, heat and cold. If schooners, islands and maroons and Buccaneers and buried Gold, And all the old romance, retold exactly in the ancient way, Can please, as me they pleased of old, the wiser youngsters of today:

-- So be it, and fall on!

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