The NCT Snuggery: Theatre for the Very Young

The first NCT Snuggery performance, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, created by Executive
Artistic Director Ernie Nolan, opened in the Copeland Studio Theatre in August 2018.

What is The NCT Snuggery?

Snuggery: Noun [snuhg-uh-ree] 
1. A snug place or position;
2. A comfortable or cozy room;

3. A cultural and creative experience for the very young on their own terms!

Nashville Children's Theatre's professional performances for children 0-5 and their grown-ups will include:

  • A small audience

  • An immersive environment

  • Pre- and post-performance experiences

  • Music, sound, and movement

  • Audience interaction and participation

Designed to overcome age, language and development barriers, an NCT Snuggery performance is a safe environment for focus and creative thinking to be nurtured, or even discovered for the first time!

Read what parents had to say:

It was more fun and engaging than I had expected. My daughter is still talking about it and we had to get our own Little Star House.

You hit the nail on the head. Perfect for the younger children. Interactive, stimulating, & age appropriate.

It exceeded my expectation by far! It was a very charming show that gave me a laugh and definitely intrigued and engaged my daughter!

My son had a lot of fun! I thought the staging and lights were neat and the story kept the kid's attention. My son still talks about shimmer and looking for little star.

Wonderful! My 3 year old talks about wanting to go back all the time!

My boys really enjoyed it! They thought the stage was "cool" and actually participated in the activities.