The Little Mermaid

November 15-December 23, 2017

By Ernie Nolan
New Production!

"No hesitating, the sun is waiting outside your door... let's go explore!"

Money is tight and times are tough in the town of Stillwater. With no houses to paint till next spring, Mr. Popper is stuck at home daydreaming of Arctic adventures, while Mrs. Popper must scrimp and save just to put beans on the table. But with the unexpected arrival of a spirited penguin named Captain Cook, a new horizon opens before them and before long the Poppers have a snowdrift in the living room and a dozen delightful penguins living in the house. With an ever-increasing bill for canned shrimp, what can the wonderfully imaginative Poppers do but train the penguins and take the show on the road!

It's a flipper-flapping musical tale that will make you believe in the power of ingenuity and determination.

Parents, you can review our Parent Tip & Info page which helps you know if your child is ready for the show.



Director and Choreographer // ERNIE NOLAN
Musical Director // DAVID WEINSTEIN
Scenic Design // SCOTT LEATHERS
Costume Design // PATRICIA TABER
Lighting Design // BILL RIOS
Sound Design // KYLE ODUM
Puppet Design // BRIAN HULL
Company Stage Manager // DAN BREWER


Nashville Children's Theatre builds all of our productions right here in Nashville. From concept to construction, our artisans create original designs for each production.