Leave a Legacy with Planned Giving

Built in 1931 on the grounds of charity and necessity for artistic presence, NCT has provided Nashville with the pleasure of children’s humor for over eighty years, all the while sharing the message of their vision: “through theatre, today’s youth will develop the tools to solve tomorrow’s challenges with creativity, imagination, and empathy.”
— Nashville Arts Magazine

For 86 years, Nashville Children's Theatre has been your family's home for professional theatre. Your generous support today sparks the imagination and creativity of Nashville's kids. Cash contributions are always appreciated and useful; however, with a little planning, you can leave a legacy that will fuel the creativity of our community far into the future. 

A Planned Contribution to NCT could be:

  • Bequest - A bequest in your will can be used to leave an outright gift to Nashville Children's Theatre or to establish a planned contribution.
  • Appreciated Securities: Stocks and/or bonds that have increased in value since they were acquired can be transferred to Nashville Children's Theatre on an annual basis throughout your life or as a bequest in your will.
  • Life Insurance - There are several ways to use life insurance to make a donation to NCT. The Theatre can be named as owner and beneficiary to an existing policy or a new policy can be established.
  • Retirement Assets - The combination of federal income, estate and excise taxes can erode the value of retirement savings. Naming Nashville Children's Theatre as a beneficiary of these assets can save your estate and heirs both income tax and federal estate taxes.

Due to their special tax advantages, planned gifts may allow you to meet your personal financial objectives while making a significant impact on the artistic and fiscal health of the Theatre.

If you would like more information about giving to Nashville Children's Theatre in this way, please contact Reed Hummell at 615-252-4661 or rhummell@nashvillect.org.