Nashville Children's Theatre's Drama Camps and Classes have taught generations of Nashvillians.  Whether you want to try on some acting skills, have fun being creative with friends, or develop your theatre skills, NCT has something for you. 

Our families know that theatre arts education has long reaching benefits... and it's a lot of fun, too!  Here's what our drama class parents have to say:

  • "NCT continues to provide opportunities for my child to build confidence, diversify her social surroundings, and HAVE fun!"

  • "It's a great program. It's great for kids on many different levels. I'd recommend for all ages. For kids who love theatre, NCT teaches them great skills they'll need to know. For kids who don't really 'love' theatre, it teaches them to be fun and creative and use their imagination."

  • "We've always had a great experience there. My boys sail through class projects that involve making presentations-- I feel that their NCT camp experiences are a key part of that."

  • "My daughter has a strong interest in theatre and LOVED the NCT spring break camp she attended. I feel like NCT is just the right mix of challenging and fun for her, and the price is a good value."

  • "Every class my son has attended he has learned something new and/or different. I always feel I'm leaving him in good hands. I love watching him grow with NCT."

  • "Highly recommended... Our city's treasure."


NCT Camp and Class Calendar: