Einstein Is A Dummy

This Production Ran Sept. 17 – Oct. 4, 2015
Book and lyrics by Karen Zacarias. Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma.

"A wild ride through Albert’s imagination and across the farthest reaches of the universe."
- Amy Stumpfl, The Tennessean
"The overall effect — a portrait of Einstein that's more surreal than anything else — signals a progressive approach toward children's programming."
- Martin Brady, Nashville Scene
"Einstein is a Dummy was a great play.  The music, the actors, it was so funny, but at the same time so true what Einstein was going through in his mind."
- Audience Member, NCT

A mind-blowing, hilarious musical comedy tour de force for the whole family! 

Maybe nobody thought much of Albert Einstein when he was 12. Maybe the other kids thought he was weird, and the girl next door thought he was a nerd.  Maybe he forgot stuff, and maybe he got lost. A lot. Maybe Herr Shloppnoppdinkerdon was right.  Maybe Einstein was a dummy.  Or maybe, just maybe, he was sorting out the fundamental relationship of space and time to the speed of light.  (What did you do today?)

Einstein Is A Dummy is not biographical, and is neither history lesson nor physics class.   Rooted in Einstein's own musings about the application of creative thought to scientific method, it is a joyous celebration of the courage to think differently.  Karen Zacarias (one of America's funniest and most provocative contemporary playwrights), Debbie Wicks LaPuma (composer of Elephant and Piggie: We Are In A Play!), and NCT's amazing artistic team have created an exhilarating, absurdly original theatrical thrill-ride through the cosmos with young Albert and his amazing Cat.