Afflicted: Daughters of Salem

Sept. 15 – Oct. 2, 2016

By Laurie Brooks


The untold tale of the girls of Salem. 

1691.  Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam, Mercy Lewis, Mary Warren, and Betty Paris meet with the slave, Tituba, deep in the dark woods of Puritan New England at night. Denied all outlets for imagination, the girls unite in secret society. When the girls force Tituba to tell their fortunes, they ignite a crucible of events that burns out of control, leading straight to the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

In award-winning playwright Laurie Brooks’ fictionalized look into peer politics and teenage rebellion, alliances will be formed and betrayed, promises made and broken, power taken and lost -- and through secrets, gossip, fear, lies and accusations, these young girls ignite a crucible of dark events that will brand them amongst the most notorious teenagers in American history.

Following each performance, audience members will have the chance to participate in a unique post-show forum to delve into the themes of the play, a trademark of Brooks’ plays. The resolution of the play will happen in the forum.

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